After Your Visit

After you’ve seen what’s possible and we’ve discussed what you’d like to incorporate within your design, we’ll get to work. Here’s what you can expect to happen…


Your Budget Spec/Price

Using the information that we gleaned from you at your Experience Centre visit, we’ll get to work on producing an broadly accurate specification and price for your system.

We believe that you can only make informed decisions about what your system should include if you know what the cost is, so we include a highly detailed and transparent line-itemised price for you.


First Revision Meeting

Whilst integrated home technology systems are more affordable than they’ve ever been, homeowners are often shocked by the costs when they start receiving quotes.

As a guide, Homeplay, like most quality integration firms, don’t typically undertake single room projects less than £10,000 and whole-home projects less than £30,000. It’s not at all unusual for projects to cost far in excess of £100,000.

There’s an excellent third party online budget calculator that will give you a feel for what your project might cost - it takes between 5-8 minutes to complete. Click the button below to open it in a new tab.

Start detailed design

Once you’re happy with the budget specification and price of your system, the next step is for us to take a design deposit and start producing detailed design work, consisting of dozens of documents including floorplans, cable schematics and schedules, load schedules, thermal calculations, elevations, builders details, etc, etc.

The design deposit is 5% of the budget project value. Once we’ve completed the design work we can give you an accurate fixed price for the project before we start work on site. It’s very rare for the fixed price to exceed the budget price, unless you change the specification.

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