How much does a smart Home cost?

It’s actually very difficult to find pricing for integrated home technology systems online. And that’s with good reason - they’re bespoke systems with infinite permutations that are custom designed specifically for the home and it’s occupants.

Whilst integrated home technology systems are more affordable than they’ve ever been, homeowners are often shocked by the costs when they start receiving quotes from integration companies.

Barely a week passes when we don’t hear from a that they’ve had a quote from another company and that it was ludicrous

However we have found an excellent online budget calculator put together by an American trade association (they’re not yet in the UK, although we are talking to them about being a founding member of their UK chapter when they launch here). Obviously it’s in US Dollars and with imperial units of measure, but you’ll be able to get a good feel for what your project will cost. It

As a guide, Homeplay don’t undertake single room projects less than £10,000 and whole-home projects less than £25,000. It’s not at all unusual for our projects to be far in excess of £100,000.

If you aren’t comfortable spending these figures, please do get in touch anyway because we always like to help and probably can. We have a network of excellent industry partners that specialise in designing, installing and maintaining low cost, mass market smart home products (such as Nest, Ring, Sonos, etc) that we can heartily recommend.