Virtual Reality Visualisation

Explore the VR Visualisation below - it’s the one we used during the creation of our Experience Centre. It was invaluable to us throughout the design process and without it, we’d never have been able to create such an amazing space.

As you can see, it’s so realistic you’d be forgiven for getting it confused with actual reality

A highly valuable design tool

Whether you’re building your dream home or your dream Media Room, our Virtual Reality Visualisaion services will ensure that you get exactly what you want, whilst avoiding costly design errors.

Ensure you’re happy with every detail of your project, from architectural and lighting details, right through to furniture and finishes.

Want to change something? No problem - it’s much easier to change your design in Virtual Reality than it is to change make a change when the project is completed.

Virtual Reality allows for a process of collaboration and iteration that yields results far in excess of the value invested in the VR project itself.

We’ve enjoyed a working relationship spanning over a decade with our VR design partner Sinemas. Together, we have a unique ability to produce stunningly realistic VR cinema and media rooms that are technically correct and highly deliverable.

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