Lighting & Shading

Lighting is one of the most powerful interior design tools available. It can change the atmosphere of a room at the touch of a button.

Introduce Homeplay to your project and bring your interior to life with our range of bespoke lighting products and services.


Lighting Design

For a lighting design to be successful it must be considered right at the beginning of your project. The more information you can provide us at this stage, in terms of room and furniture layout and the way you plan to use the room, the better your lighting will be.

Our designs are carefully considered, paying attention to the usage of the room, fixture placement, fixture selection, colour temperature, beam angle and method of control.

Detailed plans are provided in CAD, together with fixture schedules, wiring schematics, electrical loadings and everything required to allow us to work effectively with your build team. We’ll be on hand to assist all of the way - from the design stage through to the final setting of the scenes on your lighting control system.


Fittings and Shades

Homeplay use only the best quality light fittings from a range of UK based suppliers. 

All of our fittings are high quality, energy efficient, high CRI LEDs. We encourage our clients to visit our Experience Centre to see for themselves the difference between Homeplay fittings and the typical 'builder' fittings available from electrical wholesalers - you'll be astounded...

Motorised shading solutions also form an important and convenient method of controlling light within a room. We offer a full range of blinds, curtains and awnings in a range of designer fabrics. 


Lighting Control

A good lighting design will normally include several independently controlled circuits, which when blended together at differing levels of intensity allow different lighting scenes to be created.

A lighting control system allows these scenes to be recalled at the touch of a clearly labelled button, without having to deal with a confusing row of rotary dimmers. 

A well designed lighting control system makes it simple to gain control over even the most elaborate of lighting schemes, to achieve the perfect lighting for the desired activity.